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About Pastor Ken Studer

Pastor Ken has been our pastor for the last nine years. Pastor Ken has been married to Barbara for 40 years. They have three adult daughters all in their twenties. Pastor Ken was born and raised in Cleveland , Ohio . He graduated from Mt. Vernon Academy and Columbia Union College. He received his Master's of Divinity degree from Andrews University in 1971 and was ordained to the Gospel ministry in Ohio in 1974. He completed the Doctor of Ministry program at United Theological Seminary in 1984.

Pastor Ken has spent 32 years in Pastoral Ministry in four Conferences: Ohio, Kentucky-Tennessee, Potomac (Virginia) and Southeastern California. He has also worked 10 years in hospital ministry.

Dr. Studer has conducted numerous seminars on the Book of Revelation, which is his favorite Biblical study. In 1999, He and Barbara traveled to Turkey to visit the sites of the seven churches in Revelation and the Island of Patmos.

His Doctoral study was "Wholistic Stress Management." He has conducted Stress management workshops for two Conferences, two Unions, Ministry Magazine and published a monthly Stress Management Newsletter for the North American Division Department of Education.

He also has written a Smoking Cessation program which has been used extensively by Kaiser Permanente and several hospitals. While in Ohio, with special permission and funding from the Conference, one year of his ministry was exclusively devoted to smoking cessation in Metropolitan Cleveland. During that year he conducted over 100 smoking cessation programs, including two programs that were televised on the ABC television affiliate in Cleveland.

His smoking cessation program, Smoker's Release, was one of many studied by a doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio. In this published study, Pastor Ken's program had the best smoking cessation rate. After one year, just over 50% had remained smoke-free. In 1983, he won an award from the American Cancer Society for helping to save lives.

While Pastor Ken's interest in health ministries remains high, his passion is for the Good News. Each week his sermon begins with the words, "I have Good News for you today." Evidently people like Good News because since Pastor Ken's arrival in 1999, attendance at Orange Coast Church has nearly tripled.

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